June 28, 2017

KENT Pride

KENT Pride

MRP: 16500 /-                                     Offer Price: 14999 /-

Key Features
  • 8 L purified water capacity
  • Double Purification, RO+UF
  • Wall mounted design
  • TDS Controller


Thorough Purification

Safeguard your family’s health with the Kent Pride water purifier. It has a double purification system that uses RO and UF technology. It removes even dissolved impurities such as chemicals, pesticide and rust from the water and at the same time, the TDS controller retains the natural minerals that are vital to your health. The Mineral RO technology removes salts and harmful agents from the water for delivering the safe potable water.

Reliable Performance

The Kent Pride is tested and certified by one of the most esteemed laboratories in the drinking water industry such as WQA for its performance and quality. It proudly holds the WQA Gold seal and is also CE certified.

The RO membrane housing used in this purifier is spin-welded using the latest technology. This improves the membrane life and prevents tampering as well. The purifier is made from ABS plastic which guarantees a long life and high durability. It also avoids the entry of chemicals into the purified water.

Fully Automatic and High Compatibility

Unlike other RO purifiers, this purifier can even purify raw water that has a TDS level lower than 500 ppm. This makes it suitable to use for water coming from bore-wells, overhead storage tanks, water tankers and even municipal taps.

The brilliant technology used in this water purifier ensures that the purifying process starts as soon as the water level in the purified water tank falls below the maximum and stops automatically when the tank is filled.

Ingenious Design

The Kent Prime has a wall mountable design that saves the precious counter space. It gives your kitchen an enhanced look and makes it convenient to draw water as well.